Cultivating a great foundation of companionship is key to a cheerful and healthier life. Friends can reduce pressure, bring joy, and even add years to your your life. Friendships undoubtedly are a lot just like houseplants: They take time to expand, and so they can be weak, so it is very important to foster your relationships.

Start by getting kind and generous. Stating “please” and “thank you” often will go a long way, you could also be considerate with your actions by bringing the friend a homemade treat, offering to push them somewhere, or volunteering meant for an organization they support. Please don’t be a door mat, although! Friends will need space to be themselves, and giving them that room can easily deepen your connection.

Friendships are based on intimacy, hence it’s important to share a little bit of yourself along with your new friends. Whether it’s showing your worth, struggles, or favorite interests, you can build trust and customer loyalty by opening up to others. It’s also helpful to show your very own problems with your close friends, as it may help you find ways to overcome all of them and be a source of support.

With respect to distinguished relationship researcher Sara Gottman, friendship is the first step toward a supportive and healthier romantic relationship. He admits that that when lovers begin their relationships which has a solid friendship, they can weather condition the initial affectionate passion and develop a better connection after some time. Friendship provides a stable foundation to make upon, and it can become a reminder of why you chose each other in the first place.